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Oficial Competition Al Este

Besnik is a lonely shepherd and devoted Muslim, haunted by unfulfilled love. He is the son of a Catholic mother and formerly Communist father whom he takes care of in an Albanian village in the mountains. Up here, Christians and Muslims have found a way to co-exist peacefully. Even after the discovery that the old mosque used to be a church and that the building was actually shared by the two religions in the past, the calm of daily life can be preserved with Besnik's help. After the death of his father, however, drastic changes threaten Besnik's multi-faith family and the shepherd is forced to seek his own path. 


February, Wednesday 27

Cinéma Omnia République
20:30 hrs

Presented by Estela Pysqyli  (Actress)

Original Title: Streha mes reve

Director:  Robert Budina

Country: Albania, Romania

Year: 2018

Duration: 85’

International Sales:

Pluto Films (Ger)

Daniela Chapiokova


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