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The marriage of the meek Milan and tough Táňa Labát is in ruins. They are about to give it one more try,  we see them at the beginning of the story as having just moved to the countryside. They are escaping the city and estrangement. Yet can they escape themselves? Their only daughter, the sixteen-years old Lenka is moving with them. She is intelligent and perceptive. She knows that things are not right between her parents. At the same time, however, she experiences her own adolescent adventures. It is summer break and a party is thrown in the next village. The night shall change the lives of everyone concerned.

February, Tuesday 26

Cinéma Omnia République
20:30 hrs

Presented by Jean Marc Barr (Actor)


Título Original: Sklep

Director:  Igor Voloshin

Country: Slovakia, Russian Federation, Czech Republic

Year: 2018

Duration: 115’



Lívia Filusová