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Presented  by Félix Fattal

16:30hrs  - Musee des  Beaux Arts


The Space Shuttle Challenge 

Director:  Cecilia Araneda 


Through found footage, The Space Shuttle Challenger entwines the Challenger disaster, Guantanamo Bay, Chile’s coup d’état and the experience of being 16. It reflects on the personal impact of large events in world history and small moments of hope that survive.


Je me souviens de Sunderland

Director: Félix Fattal


Ian “The Machine” Freeman is a boxer. At every one of his fights, between blows, his mind drifts away to his youthful days, to the origins of his passion and violence.

Genizah ; passages from the lublin book graveyard

Director:   Solomon Nagler  


Passages retrieved from the lublin genizah, a ruinous non-archive where the sacred is slowly being released from it's corporal form.


Forever Bro

Director:   Alexander Isaenko


Young generation is playing with weapons. They are reviving the culture of war. As time passes, firecrackers will turn into grenades, and plastic-soldiers into the real ones. Soldiers will go to the war. An old lonely man is going to follow this conflict on the news. After the stroke TV is the only interlocutor that`s left. Now he will be able to evaluate if brotherhood really is forever.

The Stone Guest

Director:   Marina Fomenko


The key figure of the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917 in Russia was Lenin. After his death in 1924 Lenin’s image was immortalized in countless numbers of monuments in the Soviet Union and in the Soviet bloc’s countries. In her video, the artist refers to depicted in stone image of the Revolution leader based on archival materials and found footage. There is neither living nor dead Lenin in the film; only “the stone guest” become ingrained in Soviet people lives after his death. The "birth" of each new stone Lenin is accompanied by a special ritual with speeches and festivities before a vast assembly. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the life cycle of the "stone guest" is coming to the end.  



Director: collectif Doplgenger 


Based on archival images of Yugoslav cinema, the film begins with words spoken by the head of actress Milena Dravić in the Dušan Makavejev’s film “W.R. Mystery of the organism”. On the other side of the order, which regardless of the ideological origin has so far been marked by the patriarchy, the fragmented experience of the woman and her broken body will follow the other, a new and interrupted story. Thèmes : found footage, politics and protest


Queer Historical Mixtape

Director: Celeste Chan

Post-Orlando, we rise in rage, love, and GAY POWER in the spirit of Sylvia Rivera.
Created from LGBT Historical Society archival material. Commissioned by Radar Productions. This is 1/2 of Queer Historical Mixtape.

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