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Oficial competition's Jury

Official competition
Christophe Cognet 27©Emmanuelle Marchadour.jpeg

Christophe Cognet

Christophe Cognet is an author, screenwriter and director. Attentive to traces and the work of memory, his films question the forms of power, the mechanisms of creation and the
possible images confronted with the limits of human experience, notably in Because I was a painter, on surviving art from the Nazi camps (theatrical release in 2014) and in Éclats, a book on clandestine photographs of these same camps, published in 2019 at Seuil editions –
work that accompanied the conception of his latest film À pas blinds (selected at the Berlinale and which will be released in theaters on March 15).


Melina León

Melina León is a Peruvian director. Her feature debut, Canción sin Nombre (Song Without a Name), was premiered in 2019 at Cannes, becoming the the first opera prima by a Peruvian filmmaker invited to Cannes. The film was nominated for Best Ibero-American Feature at the 2022 Goya Awards and was Peru's entry for the Oscars for Best International Feature. Canción sin Nombre has been selected at more than 100 international film festivals and has won several awards, including Best Director at the Thessaloniki Film Festival and Best Film at the Stockholm Film Festival, among others.


Rufin Mbou Mikima

"After a Master 2 in Creative documentary filmmaking in Grenoble, Rufin MBOU MIKIMA created Inzo ya bizizi, a cinematographic and audiovisual production company in Pointe Noire, Congo in 2008. Director, producer, trainer, festival programmer and initiator of the collective of Congolese filmmakers "To zali", Rufin Mbou Mikima defines himself as a maker of images and storyteller of lives. He is, among other things, co-founder of Tropics Mobile Tv, based in South Africa and advocating a narration on Africa carried by Africans and Afro-descendants.”ano and theatre. She will direct her studies in the cinematographic sector.


Emma Kolibas

Student in Master 2 Cultural and creative industries, “digital platforms, creation and innovation” course at the University of Paris 8, Emma Kolibas is interested in cultural communication, particularly through the prism of gender. With a double degree in History - History of Art and Archeology at the Sorbonne, her career is an intermingling of studies on human behavior, artistic, industrial and digital productions.


Lili Monnoye

Lili is student of bachelorat in the theater option at the Jeanne d'Arc high school in Rouen.She practices piano and theatre. She will direct her studies in the cinematographic sector.

Jury of the competition East to West

East to West
D_Est en Ouest - AmauryVoslion©RichardDumas_edited.jpg

Amaury Voslion

Amaury Voslion's films are nourished by painting, photography, cinema, music. Awarded at Cannes in 2003 for in-depth work on New York's underground cinema, he directed numerous documentaries on cinema, photography, music, haute couture,
contemporary art and even cuisine for Arte, Ciné +, TV5, Paris Première (...). Photographer by training, often chief operator and editor of his films, he directed several short fiction films including "Trouble", selected, in Anger, Pantin (...), as well as a TV movie with Florence Loiret-Caille and Philippe Nahon (...). He also makes black and white music videos with photographer Richard Dumas, for artists like Tindersticks, Les innocents, Dominique A, Rosemary Standley (...). His film "Mingus Erectus", an entirely musical feature film dedicated to the great double bass player Charles Mingus, was selected in numerous festivals and received the prize for the best documentary on art as well as the special jury prize at the Mediawave festival in 2019 and the public prize at the Festival des Films à l'Est, the same year.  He also signs portrait films for AM Art films, with and about the contemporary artist Jean-Luc Verna, the musician Thomas de Pourquery, the videographer Pierrick Sorin, the dancer Jeanne Morel, where his style imposes itself, whose aesthetic reveals their deep emotions.


Caroline Detournay

Caroline Detournay began her film career as an editor. She is a graduate of the editing department of La Fémis, 13th promotion. Since 2002, she has been editing fiction notably "Laissez-moi" by Maxime Rappaz, "Merveilles à Montfermeil" by Jeanne Balibar, "Pearl" by Elsa Amiel, "Boys like us" by Patric Chiha "Loubia Hamara" by Narimane Mari or “Jerk” by Gisèle Vienne, documentaries “Zorn 1_2_3 by Mathieu Amalric, “Freud a Jew without God” by David Teboul and collaborates with contemporary artists such as Xavier Veilhan or Laurent Grasso.
She co-directed with Paulina Pisarek, three films "Free Bullet" in 2015, "Saint-Désir" in 2018 and "Babyracer" in 2021 and currently they are developing a feature film between Europe, East Africa West and Virtual Reality: "The Crying Tiger".


Jérémy Giroux

After studying Cinema at the Sorbonne and a Master in Directing at the École Supérieure des Arts Visuels in Marrakech, Jérémy Giroux obtained the First Work Grant for his short film Le Poids de l'air in 2008. He directed a second short film, Burns in 2017, produced by Barney Productions and Mont-Fleuri Productions, with help from the CNC, which won the 2018 Best Fiction Short Film Prize at the Nova Frontier Film Festival in New York. He is currently writing a novel and developing a third short fiction film with Pasionaria Productions.

D_est en Ouest - Océane Guely_edited.jpg

Océane Guely

Océane is a 19-year-old audiovisual student in Rouen. She has had the opportunity to attend many festivals such as Clermont-Ferrand or Angers, and never loses the habit of going to theaters. She directed her first short films in college and hopes to live from her passion for cinema.


Rosalie Cramoisan

Rosalie Cramoisan is 20 years old and she is in her 3rd year of cinema at the University of Paris 8. She has done several years of theater and also practices photography. She has recently been making short films and video clips for music groups.

Short films

Jury of the Short-film competence "Made in Normandy

Silvia Maria Esteve.jpg

María Silvia

María Silvia is an Argentinian filmmaker born in Guatemala. Trained in the arts and music since her youth, she began her film career with her multi-award-winning film SILVIA, going on to write and direct short films that premiered at festivals such as Cannes and Locarno. She is currently editing her next documentary feature Mailin, double winner at Visions du Réel Industry 2022 for the project with the strongest international potential, while writing her first fiction feature Fauces, selected at the TorinoFilmLab and winner at the Cannes Film Market.

Courts - Masa Zaher_edited.jpg

Masa Zaher

Masa Zaher, is a French Syrian actress.

After discovering the
theater in high school, she embarked on studies at the Damascus Conservatory (2008-2012) where she obtained her Master 1 in Theatrical Performances.
Theater plays in which she has performed are: Le Caravan (2016), La mer est ma nation (2019), Juste Fantômes (2021).
At the same time, she develops her career in front of the camera. We can see her in The lover (2011), Only the silence (2017), I will be among the almond trees (2019). For her main role “Maysan”, she was awarded by France TV with a prize for best female interpretation as part of the Clermont Ferrand festival 2021.
His latest film Les Chenilles (2022), participated in the Berlinale 2023. His passion for the worlds of visual expression, led him to follow several internships and photography training in Syria, Lebanon and France. She has just completed her studies in the Direction of Photography and Directing in Paris (2022).

Courts - Jules Delahaye_edited.jpg

Jules Delahaye

I am currently studying in audiovisual BTS in Rouen because I have loved cinema since my childhood. This love for films came to me through my experience as a spectator, whether in dark rooms or on smaller screens. Then, growing up, I started making short films myself, at home, as part of the cinema option in high school and now in my studies. I also try to share this passion by organizing a film festival in the Bay of Seine with other young people.

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