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A l'Est dans le Monde


Poem collection written by Noel Balen, a declaration of love in 30 texts and 4 defintions, to Charles « Chazz » Mingus. In the jazz poetrytradition, he decides to adapt 14 of the texts as songs and to make a record that would accompany the collection. Then, he calls upon Etienne Gauthier and they invite a galaxy of talents to offer their voice or a solo on the compositions. And they deliver a record of 18 tracks that is released with the book, edited by the Castor Astral Editions.

February, Sunday 3 

Cinéma Kinépolis Rouen
20:30 hrs

Presented by Amaury Voslion (Director)

Original Title: Mingus Erectus

Director: Amaury Voslion

Country: France

Year: 2018

Duration: 75’

Production: Perspective Films and AM Art


Perspective Films (Fr)

Gaëlle Jones

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