About the festival

Film Festival A l’Est du Nouveau, created in 2002 in Rouen, Normandy, has for mission to make discover the latest films from Central and Oriental European countries. We are glad to show you new and innovative films, both by their form than their content, on societies where they come from. A l’Est du Nouveau presents works from committed film-makers, to enable the audience to live original and intense experiences

Every year, A l'Ese invites a significant number of spectators and professionals, it proposes a compettion feature category.

It is organized by Soda Films and Association A l'Est du Nouveau, along with the cooperation of many institutions as Marca País (Perú), Region Normandie (France), the embassies of Austria, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, several national film centers, private enterprises, volunteers, and professionals with the same aim of promoting film and creation of new audiences, in the globalization context.



Direction and Concept

David Duponchel

General Production

Ada Quintana

Executive Production - Peru
Ada Quintana

Executive Production - Argentina

Ada Quintana
Ariadna Siontas

Executive Production - France

Monique Dubecq

Program direction

David Duponchel

César Guerra


Carlos Salvatierra

Natalia Napiorkowska

Brenda Surijón
Mónica Medina