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A l’Est du Nouveau Film Festival was created in 2002 in Rouen, Normandy, by the french filmaker David Duponchel.

The Festival mission is to make accessible the latest films from Central and Oriental European countries in Normandie.

À l'Est proposes new and innovative films, presenting works from committed film-makers, to enable the audience to live an original and intense experience and to get a deeper approach to the diverse societies which co-exists in Europe.


The festival is organized by Soda Films and Association A l'Est du Nouveau, and it has opened its frontiers creating bridges to Latina America, where it has settled in Peru, Argentine and Colombie.



David Duponchel


David Duponchel, Carlos Salvatierra, Nicolas Géneix et Emilie Richelle


Programmation Competition Made in Normandie

Delphine Zwaenepoel et Juliette Carré

Coordination Echos A l’Est

David Duponchel, Delphine Zwaenepoel et Emilie Richelle

Action culturelle

Réseaux sociaux

Emilie Richelle

Web master

Ada Quintana 

Visuel des affiches

Infinito Consultores & Branding

Conception du catalogue

Rodrigo López Maya

Conception graphique

Inifinito Consultores & Branding


Paloma Iberico Mevius

Textes du catalogue

étudiants de la section audiovisuelle du lycée Corneille

Présentation des films

Nicolas Geneix et les étudiants du lycée Corneille

Accueil invités/jury


André Roque, Pierre Olingue et les étudiants du lycée Corneille

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