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A l'Est dans le Monde


Paula, a 22 year-old student, witnesses the murder of her beloved father, a popular political sciences professor at a public university in Medellin. From the distance, she catches a glimpse of the murderer as he beats a hasty retreat on a motorcycle. Devastated by the pain of their loss, Paula and her family will have to deal with official lethargy. The authorities will make no effort to clarify the events and the case is soon archived and abandoned. When Christmas comes round, a couple of months after the murder, Paula accidentally bumps into Jesús, the young man who killed her father. So what happens when revenge becomes a real possibility? Paula decides to approach the man, initially motivated by an almost primitive instinct to get answers and eventually to find the courage to cross the moral and ethical line of killing a man, thereby avenging her father’s death.

February, Thursday 28

Cinéma Omnia République
18:00 hrs

Original Title: Matar a Jesús

Director:  Laura Mora Ortega

Country: Colombia

Year: 2017

Duration: 95’


Bobine-Films (Fr)

Jovita Maeder

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