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Oficial Competition Al Este


2009, Slovenia, European Union. For 30 years, Alija, the miner, has been one of the many Bosnian immigrant workers. Due to the crisis, miners are losing jobs. Alija is sent to check an abandoned mine. His task is to quickly make sure the mine is empty before management sells the company. But in the mine, Alija finds hidden proof of executions after World War two. He is told to stop digging and report the mine empty. He decides to continue, although he is risking his job. Alija discovers thousands of executed people and informs the police.

March, Friday 1

Cinéma Omnia République

18:00 hrs

Original Title: Rudar

Director:  Hanna Slak

Country: Slovenia, Germany

Year: 2017

Duration: 89’


Slovenian Film Centre (Slv)

Nerina Kocjancic

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